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Un giorno senza morti sulle strade

Many became sensitive to road safety, they got the message, they participated and shared, but there are many users that for unspecified reasons are impervious to getting involved...
...I have never had a car accident would never happen to me … I'm a good driver ...I drive slow, I don’t need to put the sit-belt on ...I'm not going far
The only way to intervene selectively on this people is to do it on the road. It is our job, out in public. We did it again, we couldn't resist... we joined the fray!!!

It's the 21st of September 2017, 2:00 PM, a beautiful sunny day on the sea, in the Ligurian riviera.
We arrive at the local PD Command Center where chief Mirko MUSSI is waiting. Everything is ready in Via Biagio Assareto.
After a short briefing and an site inspection we quickly set set up our stand.
Our educational/informational stand is ready, we are ready, the activity begins. The Local Police coordinated by the same Commander approaches the checkpoint, here comes the first car... no sit-belt, it's a girl.
The checks are followed in rapid succession, the offenders are many, but everyone gladly accepts our proposal of having a chat with us.
The Elite Operative greets “Good day Sir, you have committed an infringement... you are not using the sit-belt, but if you want you can go to the Associazione delle Polizie Italiane info-point overthere, there are driving instructors that might help you...”
Adults and children listen to us with great interest, many start to reflect... they had never though about it from our point of view, now they do.