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TyreAWARE – Your safety demands maintaining tyres in good service conditions

TyreAWARE is a campaign that aims to raise awareness of tyre maintenance and service life to tyre dealers, authorities and drivers in order to improve overall road safety and tyre performance.

Tyres are the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road, which is no larger than the surface of a postcard. It is therefore essential that drivers choose the right tyres and make proper use of all information available to them, starting with the information on the tyre label.

Furthermore, once purchased, every driver has a responsibility to check his/her tyres, tread depth and tyre pressure in order to ensure maximum road safety and tyre performance. Checking tyre tread depth is easily done by looking at the tread-wear indicators, which can be found in around six places on the tyre, or by using a euro coin and ensuring that the tread goes over the external rim of the coin. As for tyre pressure, this can be checked with a calibrated pressure gauge.

In their inspection, drivers are encouraged to look for any visible damage that appears on the tyre. If the tyre suffered from an impact to a pothole, a thorough inspection should be done as there can be internal damage to the tyre.

Further information on how to properly maintain tyres can be found on the TyreAWARE website in 14 languages.