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TyreAWARE – Safety first: maintain your tyre pressure

TyreAWARE is a campaign that aims to raise awareness of tyre maintenance and service life to tyre dealers, authorities and drivers in order to improve overall road safety and tyre performance.

Tyres are the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road, which is no larger than the surface of a postcard. It is therefore essential that drivers choose the right tyres and make proper use of all information available to them, starting with the information on the tyre label. Furthermore, once purchased, drivers are required to maintain them in good service conditions.

Tyre pressure has a direct effect on the service life, vehicle safety and environmental performance of tyres.

Impact of underinflated tyres:
• Road-holding is reduced;
• Tyres are worn irregularly;
• It can result in internal tyre damage and even in tyre failure;
• Tyres can overheat;
• Tyre service life is shortened;
• Tyre braking distance is increased.

Further information on how tyre pressure can be checked can be found on the Tyre AWARE website, with materials in 14 languages.