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TyreAWARE – Change of season: safety first; winter tyres

TyreAWARE is a campaign that aims to raise awareness of tyre maintenance and service life to tyre dealers, authorities and drivers in order to improve overall road safety and tyre performance.
Tyres are the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road and it is no larger than the surface of a postcard. For this reason, when purchasing new tyres, it is essential that drivers take into account all information available (including the tyre label) and that they choose the right tyres for the right season.
It is important that drivers switch to winter tyres in advance of the winter season in order to be prepared for hazardous driving conditions.
In several European countries, it is required by either local or national legislation for drivers to switch to winter tyres while in others, the decision is left up to the driver.
Data taken from a recent industry campaign shows that the use of winter tyres on passenger cars can reduce the number of accidents caused by a lack of grip in winter conditions by 46%.
Further information on the fitment of winter tyres can be found on the TyreAWARE website in 14 languages.