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Toolbox meetings, awareness sessions, online training

A wide range of activities for employees, contractors and custerms is planned to take place in approximately 700 Shell fuel stations all over Greece. Activites will include toolbox meetings and awareness sessions, along with distribution of leaflets on safe driving and bahviour to customers. Additional toolbox meetings and awareness sessions are planned in the company's depots and offices for approximately 400 staff, contractors and customers. Social media posts will be uploaded on 26 September.

H Coral A.E. is the former Shell Hellas SA, a company renamed in July 2010 following the completion of its acquisition by Motor Oil Hellas. The company has been operating in Greece since 1926. Its main activities are the distribution and marketing of a wide range of petroleum products such as gasoline, petroleum, lubricants, LPG and chemicals. With about 700 Shell branded gas stations it is one of the largest companies in the industry in Greece. Its activities cover the whole spectrum of the commercial sector and shipping.