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Security Week - 2017

In order to further develop the strong foundations of comprehensive road safety work in Hungary, The National Accident Prevention Committee (ORFK-OBB), together with the Hungarian Insurance Companies Federation (MABISZ), is making every effort to take cooperation with stakeholders to an even higher level.
Several activities will be held throughout the country during the week 18-22 September 2017, which includes two important dates: World Insurance Day and the EDWARD day (European Day Without a Road Death) announced by TISPOL (the European Traffic Police Network). The aim is to raise awareness of the risks concerning children and young people, how to handle dangerous situations, and other road safety issues.
The main target group consists of children between 10 and 14 years of age. Through prevention activities, shows, interactive tools and quizzes we will try to bring them closer to concept of accident prevention, safety in everyday life, and the related insurances. On the long term, we wish to make this programme an inherent part of education and of the way of thinking of this age group.
The multiple venues and varied programmes hold a surprise for each day of the week. But the main messages are highlighted at all venues and times. These include that:
• most accidents can be prevented;
• the most frequent cause of accidents is speeding;
• distraction can be blamed very often for the trouble;
• added to drink driving, using the mobile phone is a new source of risk.
During the week, the ORFK-OBB and MABISZ will cooperate with the National Disaster Management General Directorate, the Accident Prevention Committee of Budapest and Pest County, the Hungarian Red Cross, Budapest Public Transport Co., the Transport Research Institute, the Civil Guard, several local authorities in the capital and in Pest county, and last but not least with numerous schools’ teachers and students.
In the words of Dr Gerhard Munsch, the three main principles to guide a road user are: NEVER the forbidden! – ALWAYS the compulsory! – SOMETIMES not even the allowed!