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Safely to school with HAK

The initiative "Safely to School with HAK 2016" targeting first grade pupils will be organised by the HAK - AK Hvar together with the Hvar local Police and will take place in "Pelinje" sports hall this coming 19 September.

The aim of the event is to increase the safety of first grade children (just starting school) confronted with traffic environments. A particular focus will be given to the dangerous situations that they encounter on their journey to and from school. The project will also raise awareness among vehicle drivers towards the risks related to the presence of young children on the streets.

A cycling proficiency circuit will be prepared in the sports hall to allow children to show their skills in handling bicycles, scooters and roller skates. Children will be engaged further by being awarded prizes – that will include reflective equipment. The total number of children involved will be approximately 100 comprising first grade pupils from OŠ Petra Hektorovića, OŠ Hvar and OŠ Jelsa.