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Safely and in line with assumptions - the Opole edition of Project EDWARD

The aim of Project EDWARD, organised by TISPOL in cooperation with the traffic services of the Member States, was to improve road safety. In our province, there was not a single fatal accident on that day.

Road traffic officers carried out extensive activities yesterday as part of Project EDWARD. In the course of their daily duties, officers checked 730 drivers and revealed nearly 200 offenses related to excessive speed. This is the result of, inter alia, cascade speed measurements, especially on those roads where the most frequent events occur.

The next installment of our activities was the action entitled "Safe Route". On the national roads of our province, policemen in unmarked vehicles reacted with videorecorders to drivers driving at excessive speed or breaking other rules on the roads. All this so that no dangerous road events can occur on our roads.

Project EDWARD promotes a "zero vision" adopted in many European countries.,Bezpiecznie-i-zgo...