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Safe way to school

In the initial period of learning, after the summer break, as every year, traffic policemen carry out intensified control and prevention activities supported by preventive actions. Their goal is to ensure the safety of children and young people in school areas and on roads that lead to schools and educational and upbringing facilities.

From September 3 this year. the way to school and back will be a constant element in the child's life, up to the next summer holidays. Therefore, this road should be safe. Police, teachers and parents will take care of it. Drivers of vehicles in school districts should exercise caution, avoid any action that could endanger road safety or order. Everyone should bear in mind that after holidays, children often have distracted attention and do not always follow traffic rules. A constant element of the "Safe Way to School" activities is inviting police officers to meet parents and to learn communication with children. Classes with a policeman are always a big attraction for children, which encourages them to learn about traffic rules. The knowledge of traffic officers who, apart from discussing the most important regulations, are able to give practical advice to children and point out the most dangerous places in the school area, can not be overestimated. Shaping the right habits in children is very long and hard work, but it pays to do it, because these habits remain for life.

We remind parents that not every first grader can be an independent participant in road traffic - a child under 7 years of age can use the road only under the care of a person at least 10 years old (this does not apply to the residence zone and the pedestrian only road). A very important factor increasing road safety is wearing reflective elements.