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Safe on the road

The day will include the following activities:

  • Development of an information board for the school lobby, design and distribution of stickers related to the theme, and monitor screenshots in the school hallway.
  • "Make a promise that we will move safely on the road" - registration on the official EDWARD website, marking the map and uploading materials about activities with Vasil Levski Primary School students.
  • Operation Zebra - 'Who will first notice a pedestrian in violation?' - practical training with high school students and police officers to safely cross the roadway.
  • Pedestrians on the Road - rules on how a moving group of students should behave on a lane with a guide - demonstration by students from the lower secondary level.
  • Getting to school safely - making posters showing the safe way from home to every child with grade I and II children and their parents.
  • Speaking to traffic police officers about EDWARD.
  • Creating an event and uploading a video to the site and fan page of the school in connection with the EDWARD event logging campaign.
  • Preparation of a panel for the celebration of EDWARD by pre-school groups.
  • Preparation by elementary students of of an information leaflet for EDWARD, which will be handed out to traffic participants in the neighborhood with police station representatives.
  • Section work - Safe on the Road - interactive games and engagements with elementary school students, parents and police officers.