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Safe Cycling Education for schools

Visits at schools in and around Katerini, Greece, promoting bicycle as a means of transport and educating little cyclists about the safe and proper use of it.

Podilatiki Apo-Drasi Pierias is an urban cyclists' club located in Katerini, Greece.

Our primary goals are to promote bicycle as the most convenient means of urban transport, to stand up for cyclists' rights (drivers' respect towards cyclists, bicycle lanes etc) and to educate cyclists from an early age to older ones.

Since 2010 already, when our club was founded, we considered forming a group of people (teachers most of us) that would visit schools and educate students on how to use their bike, why they should do this and what the hazards are. We also got the Ministry of Education's permit in order to do this legally and officially, setting the example for other cities of Greece that now realize the importance of traffic education.

What we usually do at our visits to schools is to show students a short Power Point presentation about the history of bicycle, its parts and what it should be equipped with, the importance of lights, bright coloured clothes and helmet, some road signs and the significance of following the local road regulations. All these are presented in an interactive way, where students are encouraged to participate.

What we receive, is that students learn a lot out of it and have fun while doing it!We hope that they change their cycling (and driving in consequence) behaviour to the better!