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EDWARD – European day Without A Road Death
Udine SAFE BIKE in collaboration with di BM Sport&Drive
24th September 2016

Check your bike
Dress properly
Learn the rules of circulation
Make yourself visible

This is the slogan of the project "Safe Bike – 2 safe wheels" Automobile Club Italia, born under the FIA Road Safety Grant Programme and that takes its cue from the results that emerge from ACI-ISTAT statistics on road accidents.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of cyclists in Italy, and this is the reason why the organisers undertake to bring up the new generations, and therefore children, to respect traffic rules, and adopt a correct and safe behaviour.

Automobile Club Udine in collaboration with BM Sport & Drive (professional experts in safe driving) and the Police force will organize an event in Udine on Saturday 24th September, from 9:00 at 13:00, setting up a cycling educational field school in piazza Venerio and planning an itinerary downtown, where young cyclists will be assisted by expert instructors and police officers, with the common goal of informing and educate future road users.