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Respect Our Signs

At this event, children from the first-grade elementary school in Čakovec, who started the first grade a week ago, were shown the importance of proper behaviour by pedestrians in traffic. The beginning of the school year is a period when many children and young people travel along the streets on their way to school.

The gathered children were greeted by the Mayor of the City of Čakovec, Stjepan Kovac, and the Mayor of Međimurje County, Matija Posavec, who told the children that it is very important to respect traffic rules and be a responsible traffic participant.

Safe movement in roads on a specially made pedestrian training ground was presented by officers of the Police Department of Medimurje and from Čakovec School, who are at almost every activity like this.

Children also learned about the dangers of moving in traffic. In order to reach school as safely as possible, various promotional materials and reflective raincoats from the National Highway Traffic Safety Programme were distributed to the children.