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Project EDWARD - Szczecin

NUMBER "0" - that is, zero road accidents with fatal consequences - is the goal for all Eruopean countries on September 19, and all in connection with the latest edition of Project EDWARD.

Project EDWARD once again took place in Szczecin. Police traffic officers from the city, with the active participation of students from one of its schools, carried out activities directed to the residents of the city. At the beginning, the police together with children crossed the streets of the city. The students held banners and posters that promoted this event. Later,  they took part in giving pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicle drivers gadgets that promote safety. At the same time, the children were reminded of the basic rules of road safety.

Everyone was pleasantly surprised and received the surprises with a big smile on their faces. At the end, they created the number "0" from their hand - that is, zero road fatalities.