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Project EDWARD

The Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Traffic Safety Agency, Auto-Moto Association, local self-government units (City of East Sarajevo) and other traffic safety stakeholders will take part in the "Sharing gets you further" initiative and project EDWARD.

Activities for Thursday, September 21:
9.30 - A working meeting will be held in the city administration office of the City of East Sarajevo, attended by the Director of the Traffic Safety Agency Milija Radovic, the Mayor of the City of East Sarajevo and representatives of other Sarajevo municipalities, the Automobile Association "East Sarajevo" and the East Sarajevo Health Centre.
13.00 – A visit to the "Jovan Ducic" primary school in Kasindol will take place. Children will take a look at the safe behaviour in traffic and will be given promotional material (vests, reflectors, etc.).
There will also be a signing of the project EDWARD pledge.