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Peer learning on road safety

138th “Prof. Vasil Zlatarski” Secondary school for western and eastern languages has a tradition in educating young people in responsible behaviour and a culture of road safety. This policy covers all - students, parents and teachers - involved in the learning process. We have realised that young people are a resource and can contribute a lot to addressing road safety issues.

Eighth-grade students will visit third- and fourth-grade students and have prepared presentations and other materials to educate their younger classmates in road safety. All students will talk about what the behaviour of students on the road should be and how important seat belts are. At the same time, younger students will learn songs about traffic lights and the pedestrian path. The eighth-graders will set tasks for the younger students so that they can also educate their peers and correct their parents.  

Children in grades 1-4 will learn a song "Stop, Look and Listen" in English classes.