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Pedestrian crossing safety campaign "Stop! Watch! Make sure!"

The country wide road safety campaign "Stop! Watch! Make sure!" is dedicated to children safety on pedestrian crossings. Children from 10 to 13 years old attending 35 secondary schools all over the country are taking part in this event. The aim of this campaign is to draw children’s attention to traffic risks coming from pedestrian crossings and remind them of the main rules of how to reduce those risks.

Road accidents statistics in Estonia show that preliminary school children aged from 7 to 12 incur a higher risk of being involved in an accident as a pedestrian. The highest number of injured pedestrians per capita is among 10 to 12 year old secondary school children.
If in 2015, in average, 3 pedestrians per 10 000 inhabitants were injured, regarding the age group of 10 to 12 years old there were 7,5 injured pedestrians per 10 000 inhabitants. Moreover, the number of accidents concerning children in that age group usually increases from September to November and from March to April.

Furthermore, during this campaign, children together with teachers will mark on sidewalks approaching pedestrian crossings the message "Stop! Watch! Make sure!".