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National campaign "All together for each human life"

Bulgarian Motorcycle Magazine (BMM) is committed to continuously improving road safety for motorcyclists and other road users.
As partners of the EDWARD project, BMM and the social campaign We are people, not ‘donors’ organised activities to promote road safety prior the 21 September. We have raised awareness about the EDWARD project through the website of the campaign ( ) and social media, as well as promoting it during the first commemoration of the day in memory of the deceased and in support of injured motorcyclists, which took place on 18 September in 10 major cities across the country and was widely publicised in the media.

During the European Day Without a Road Death our activities included:

- distribution of leaflets;
- publishing road accidents statistics on social media;
- publishing safety tips to raise awareness on road safety issues.

We will continue our work towards motorcycle awareness and road safety.