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On 17 September the police will organise large-scale checks of drivers' sobriety and other violations. Police officers will not only concentrate on punishing the infringers. A special campaign, "Clean Driver", was recently launched in Lithuania to promote good and exceptional drivers. During the inspection, officers will issue a special sticker to drivers who they determine have never violated the Road Traffic Rules. Drivers who  participate in the "Clean Driver" campaign will become ambassadors for safe traffic. Project partner, the company Švaros Broliai, actively contributes to the promotion of safe and disciplined drivers.

On 18 September the Police will patrol with unmarked police cars. Officials will record violations affecting traffic safety and careless, inconsiderate drivers. Cases of mobile phone usage will be detected and non-driving related activities will be monitored.

19 September will be the European Day without a Road Death (EDWARD). In Lithuania:

  • The Police will encourage drivers to sign the EDWARD day pledge and will present the EDWARD sticker to the ambassadors for safe traffic.
  • The Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration and the Police will inspect cargo trucks and passenger buses.
    1. Cargo truck drivers will be inspected to verify that the driver's cabin is safe and ergonomic and that drivers avoid side activities not related to driving.
    2. Bus drivers will be checked for passenger carriage conditions, seat belt wearing and safe conditions in the driver's cabin.
  • The “Clean Driver” campaign will continue in parallel as well.

During EDWARD week, the media will be invited to participate and help to disseminate information about the EDWARD Project and TISPOL initiatives, as well as to promote safe behaviour and awareness of road traffic participants and society.