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Life is unique. Let's save it. Nothing is more valuable

The European Day Without a Road Death has been organised for the fourth time in Bulgaria. The slogan this year is "I love my family! Let's keep it on the road!"

To promote awareness of the culture of safety on the road, 10th-grade students in our school took part in an educational event on the importance of obeying the rules of the road as a sure way to save lives. The conversation was about the risks we take when speeding and the severe price we might pay for gaining less than an hour, losing the lives of loved ones and other people in the traffic. Motorways are for faster movement, not a place to prove who is the fastest. The students concluded that human life is unique and priceless.

The students took part in the campaign through the hashtag #projectEDWARD on Facebook and Instagram. They uploaded a picture showing a symbol for 'zero' deaths on the roads on 26.09.2019.