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Life has the right of way

The youngest participants in the event - children from the kindergartens in the region - will create a cardboard car parade. They will paint and decorate with special messages cardboard vehicles and march with them around the city centre.

Meanwhile, a demonstration of a road car accident will show and teach us how we should react if we are a witness or participant in a car accident. It will show the joint efforts of  the police station, fire department, emergency services and Bulgarian Red Cross.

Drawing, quizzes, puzzles, a wheel with questions and other games will check how well we know road signs and rules. There will also be a presentation of the iHelp application.

To demonstrate road safety, the Automobile Administration will provide two simulators for driving on a slippery road or entering a turn at high speed. We will check what it feels like to drive drunk with the help of “alcohol glasses”. Demonstrations of the best applied cyclists from SOS Tryavna are also envisaged. 

On the lighter side, the “House of Humour and Satire – Gabrovo” museum will present an exhibition of caricatures on the road safety topic.

Finally, as part of the road safety campaign, we will pay attention to active drivers who will be able to check if they have pending fines. Drivers can also test their road skills and win a special prize from the Union of Bulgarian Motorists