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IXX Jornada Mediterranea de Seguridad Vial

We want to reach to target of Vision Zero before 2050. We believe that the way to accomplish this goal is to pass the baton of leadership to the next generation with a more sustainable, more humane and more united vision, without forgetting the experience of experts who have spent years working and reflecting on these issues.
In the First European Day without a Road Death, we want to have a hopeful vision with the certainty of having achieved in 2050 the goal of zero victims in mobility. And we want to ask the speakers how have you done to achieve this?
Is it a triumph of technology? Is it a result of the demand for sustainability? Is it a belief that man needs human rights and respect for life? Is it a matter of passion for life? - Or the mix fulfillment of many goals?
We want to hear fresh ideas, new approaches that point us the next steps to help define and implement road safety policies in future years. More information