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International EUMOS Symposium 2017

1st Day – 14 September 2017

1. International and legal aspects of transport safety

•Reception and introduction by WKO and EUMOS
•Road safety in Europe: Goals of the European Commission
•Implementation of technical roadside inspections
•New standards, regulations and legislation

2. New in the field of load securing

•Technical roadside inspections by regulatory authorities in Europe
•Stability of the vehicle superstructure: revised standard EN 12642 – update
•Approaches to further development of EN 12195-1/calculation of load securing
•Responsibility for load securing in Europe
•Securing of heavy loads with chains according to EN 12195-3
•EU-wide training standard on load securing according to EUMOS-Standard 40607-1: Training for the different transport modes (combined transport), certification at European level
•Recent developments concerning foil technology/building unit loads

Wrap-up of 1st day

EUMOS Safety Award Ceremony

2nd day – 15 September 2017

•Reception by WKO
•Load securing responsibilities for shippers and freight forwarders
•Insurance: Consequences of wrong load securing and/or packaging
•Chemical industry: Examples of innovations in load securing
•USA: New technologies in the field of load securing and building load units
•France: New regulations for load securing of radioactive goods
•CTU-Code 2014: requirements for load securing in containers from an inspector’s point of view
•New online training for the 2014 CTU Code (new)
•Requirements for flexible restraint systems: New proposal of an EUMOS standard for testing flexible restraint systems

Summary of days 1 and 2

Conference languages: German, English (simultaneous translation)