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"European Day Without A Road Death"

This round table will be held from 09:00 at the premises of the German Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo (GCCK) to mark European Day Without a Road Death. It brings together representatives of local and international institutions and other stakeholders concerned with road safety, traffic and transport in general.

The conference is organised by the Tempulli College of Applied Technical Sciences, and supported by the GCCK, the Kosovo Police and the AMRKS Kosovo Association of Motorisation, to promote road safety and build on safety improvements in the last year.

During the summer months, Kosovo is affected by a high rate of crashes, decreasing citizens' circulation safety on the country's roads. According to official data from Kosovo Police, in August this year alone there were 1450 accidents, of which 9 were  fatal. However, joint work by our institutions dealing with road safety issues has effectively decreased the trend in the number of accidents. Compared with last year, roads are slightly safer, with fewer accidents in all categories.