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EDUKACIJA BICIKLISTA ŠKOLA 18+ – Bicycle training for people over 18

The association “Safety in Traffic” in cooperation with Nextbike - Public Bicycle System ltd. and the Faculty of Traffic Sciences will organise from 19 to 23 September 2016 a free training course for adult cyclists, enabling them to safely participate in city traffic and aiming to reduce the scope and consequences of potential accidents. This activity will be held during the European Mobility Week, which will also mark the European Day Without a Road Traffic Death (EDWARD).
More specifically, on 20.09.2016 workshops for cyclists will take place in Zadar. On 21.09.2016 a workshop will take place in Zagreb, as well as a round table, where experts will exchange opinions, methods and activities to improve road safety and present the results of their research.
The free training course called " Bicycle training for people over 18" will take place on the premises of driving school "Megastart" in Zagreb, Bowling Hall, Prisavlje 2 and the polygon of driving school "Megastart" on Prisavlje (parking at the "Checkers") from 17:00 to 20:00. During the training, participants will receive both theoretical and practical training, including CPR first aid training, after which they will be given certificates and small gifts.