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E-Bike Training for Beginners

E-Bike training for beginners

This 1-hour cycling course is the most effective way to teach our road safety programme with beginners!
The goals in this course are:
1. Adjusting the helmet
2. What should be on e-bikes and how they work
3. Changing gears
4. Signals for turning
5. Riding forward in a stable position (keeping your balance)
6. Braking.

With the EASY DRIVERS RADFAHRSCHULE bike-safety intensive courses you will learn bike skills and pro know-how to increase safety and cycling fun.
There is less risk of accidents for confident people who can handle their bikes or e-bikes well!

• Founded in 2003
• Erasmus+ “Safe4Cycle” from 2015 to 2018
• Up to five teams in action at the same time
• Cycling and e-bike courses for all target groups, from a balance bike for children in preschool and courses for beginners of all ages, up to e-bike-tours with VIPs.
• Bike-safety courses all over Austria
• Certified cycling instructor education
• 2003-2018: More than 50 000 instructed students
• 2003-2018: More than 30 000 participants in the obstacle course.

Over the years the programme has been developed to include many different safety courses for every age and every target group. It starts with a balance bicycle in kindergarten and different levels for every age in elementary school, up to e-bike/pedelec safety courses for the elderly.