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Biztonság Hete – Week of Safety

As part of project EDWARD, a road safety week will be implemented between 18 and 22 September, organised by the KTI Research Centre for Road Safety in cooperation with the National Accident Prevention Committee.
Each day, KTI will be participating in different road safety events at different locations in Pest county.
These events aim to draw attention to the importance of safe transport and to reduce the number of road traffic accidents. Events will focus on visibility, use of protective equipment and highlighting the most important traffic rules ("KRESZ" in Hungarian). With the connected activities, every age group can be reached.
Most events will be held for local primary-school students. It is very important to reach children because they are one of the most vulnerable groups of road users. Also, they will be the next generation of drivers, so informing and educating children from a young age is a long-term investment.
College students will be targeted as well, with road-safety-related creative workshops and with activities that reflect on tolerance towards elderly people in transport. Another target group will be mothers with small children.
The EDWARD day of action on 21 September will be open to the media, and representatives of supporting organisations will be invited. Many kinds of activities will take place throughout the day, such as a mini traffic park, road-safety-themed games, tests and colouring books for the little ones.
"Biztonság Hete - Week of Safety" events are, in order:
18/09: Budapest (district II) and Cegléd
19/09: Budapest (Corvinus University) and Vác
20/09: Budapest (district XVIII) and Monor
21/09: EDWARD day of action in Budapest (district VIII) and Nagykőrös
22/09: Budapest (district XXII) road safety day for mothers with small children