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Atentie la ... neatentie! (Attention to ... inattention!)

The campaign will be held in Constanta and Bistrita, in partnership with the county police inspectorates and different high schools, talking to students about the risk factors of traffic and traffic participants (drivers) about the importance of attention and referral traffic hazards. It will share more than 10,000 informative flyers and air fresheners that contain the logo of the campaign "Attention to ... inattention."

The campaign will start with a press conference, which will be attended by the Association of Psychology and Road Safety PsihoTrafiQ, the initiator of the campaign, and by the campaign partners. The campaign will be promoted in national and international media by our partner - Plus Communication - PR Agency and the campaign's message will reach more than 3500 journalists. The campaign's aim is to empower road users (drivers and pedestrians) to the dangers of inattention and distractions factors that arise in traffic.