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Allarme distrazioni quotidiani in strada e alla guida: la necessità di un indissolubile rapporto tra informazione, formazione, repressione

A warning about disturbances for traffic participants, pedestrians and drivers alike: a strong connection between information, training and enforcement is a must

"Idea Communication Project - Barbara Riva" , member of the European Road Safety Charter , will organize a session devoted entirely to the issue of road safety. This session will be part of the 35th Conference "Days of Local Police " promoted by Maggs S.p.A., particularly aimed at local police forces of Italy and all those working on issues related to security, to be held in Riccione ( RN ) 15 to 16 September 2016. High representatives of the State Police, Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, local Police Headquarters, industry associations, as well as journalists and sociologists will offer suggestions, share experiences and discuss studies in support of measures meant to limit distracting behaviors for participants to traffic, pedestrians and drivers alike.
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