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Act safely at level crossings

UIC, the worldwide railway organisation, has over 200 members from the railway sector globally and advocates for railway safety and more.
UIC also spearheads the International Level Crossing Awareness Day (ILCAD). This is a joint commitment that raises public awareness of the dangers of misbehaviour at level crossings. It builds on the success of the first European Level Crossing Awareness Day, held on 25 June 2009 in 28 countries.
Level crossing accidents account for only 1 % of road deaths but 29 % of all rail fatalities, based on European statistics. Road and rail organisations from participating countries have acknowledged their shared responsibility to deal with this issue by organising safety events to develop public awareness and safe behaviour at and around level crossings.
UIC and most ILCAD partners have signed the European Road Safety Charter. Our partners and supporters include road safety and rail safety advocates and more. Since 2009, our awareness day has also been supported by, among others, DG Move, ETSC, IRU and the UNECE.
UIC strongly supports the “EDWARD” initiative (European Day Without a Road Death) that aims to make 21 September a day when no one dies on Europe’s roads.
We wish make all road users (on the roads and particularly at level crossings) aware – even for just a few minutes – of the risks they face, the risks they may pose to others and how they can go about reducing those risks. We believe that “EDWARD”, in addition to “ILCAD”, can make a significant contribution towards further reducing road deaths and serious injury.
We will publish and share the information on this event on our ILCAD web pages (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn) and in our UIC electronic newsletter, which is sent to over 6000 people worldwide:;!/ilcad